Lift System:

One of the most prominent feature of Shyam Mansion is an OTIS elevator (Lift) which operates through all floors including Basement. With a capacity of hosting 6 passengers it has its own power backup to reach nearest floor in case of any emergency. It is also covered by Power Back up of the building.

Fire Safety Equipment:

The entire building is equipped with Smoke detectors, hooters, emergency switches and water hose with 24*7 water supplies. Basement of the building has water sprinklers. Co2 fire extingusihers are provided on each floor next to electrical room.

Generator Sets:

100% Power Back-up provision with complete coverage is provided along with provision of a separate BSES connection of 35 KVA for each floor with separate electric meters.

Air Conditioning Fittings:

A convenient feature of CASSETTE BASED ROOF MOUNTED Air conditioner fittings has been built, keeping in mind the importance of time of a tenant while initial occupation of the building. The brand considered for the same is DAIKIN.

LAN Wiring:

Each floor has adequate provisioning of concealed LAN wiring, wiring for speakers and CC TV.


Keeping the convenience of a tenant in mind the design of the building has incorporated Pantries on each Floor with One pantry each at Ground and Basement and Two Pantries each on 1st, 2nd & 3rd floor. It is fully functional with Complete Wooden Cabinets, Granite Slab and a Stainless Steel Sink.

Water Supply:

The building has water storage separately for regular consumption and fire safety. With a collection tank of 8000 litres in basement, separate reservoirs with a capacity of 15000 litres are placed overheads.